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 Many thanks to our world-class projection partners who have integrated Panamorph UltraWide
anamorphic lens modes into their leading home theater projector models.


Announcing the new X1 lens!  Now in development for release in November, the patented X1 takes advantage of electronic convergence features in today’s leading Panamorph-compatible projectors to provide a much lower cost alternative to our larger fully corrected lenses.  Now taking pre-orders for $995 (lens only), the first 150 pre-order customers will also get special pricing (including FREE for the first 50!) on X1 mounting solutions.  See the X1 lens page for more details.


Unleash the full performance of your home theater projector to create a true UltraWide home cinema.

It’s the revolution in home theater that takes you far beyond a flat panel TV when watching the immersive format of over 70% of all major motion pictures.  33% Wider.  33% more pixels on your screen. Higher brightness.  Higher resolution. No more black bars.

Resulting from years of collaboration between Panamorph and the world’s leading premier home theater projector manufacturers, we’ve finally made commercial cinema anamorphic lens technology available to everyone. We’ve brought cinema home. 


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