About Panamorph

For over 30 years Panamorph and its prior affiliates have been pioneers in the development of cutting-edge proprietary visual display technologies represented by over 30 issued US patents in areas including virtual reality optical systems, advanced image processing and presentation algorithms, and specialized optical components. 

Panamorph is also the most recognized and most recommended brand of anamorphic projection lenses for the home theater industry. Just announced for 2023, our new short-throw anamorphic lens products (patents pending) are now dramatically expanding the home theater projection market by allowing the highest performance video projectors to be used in rooms with limited throw distances, delivering the residential big-screen experience to far more theaters with performance exceeding that of commercial cinemas.

Also new for 2023, Panamorph is developing its own multi-patented VR headset display solution to the 100 billion dollar VR/AR industry need for lightweight, low-cost wearable displays that exceeds the visual clarity of current headsets while using only a small fraction of the power – supporting lighter weight, lower heat and much longer wireless battery life.

Panamorph is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Colorado Springs. CO. For more information, please email us at cs@panamorph.com.