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Paladin DCR Lens
(with XM2 or XMU Kit)
Paladin Lens
(with XM2 or XMU Kit)
Phoenix Lens
(with XM2 or XMU Kit)

All lens systems currently in stock.

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1. ATH3 DISCONTINUED. The ATH3 has been discontinued as of December 1, 2017 since the entire industry also now supports the display of 16:9 content with an anamorphic lens. That’s it – watch anything however you want with no moving parts!

2. Attaching older lenses. The XM2 and XMU kits are specifically intended to mount Phoenix and Paladin (including DCR) lenses. Please consider selling any remaining UH480 or DC1 lenses as soon as possible since new projectors will be increasingly difficult to combine with the older lenses and any attachment plates you may still have.

3. The most important detail when spec’ing a lens is the ratio of  projector throw distance to screen width. For Paladin and Phoenix please make sure this ratio is at least 1.6:1 and for Paladin DCR (on 4096 projectors) please make sure this ratio is at least 1.4:1. A bit higher will make your installations even easier.

4. The Paladin DCR is the new hot item because at $9k retail for almost 40% more brightness in movies it’s a natural add-on to a Sony $25k or $60k projector. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DCR IS ONLY FOR 4096 PROJECTORS. For all 3840 projectors the regular Paladin is still the best solution.

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