Paladin DCR compatibility with Sony projectors including VPL-VW995ES, VPL-VW885ES, VPL-VW695ES, VPL-VW5000ES and VPL-VW295ES 4K/4096 models

Panamorph lenses are available through authorized Sony projector dealers world-wide.


Both the fixed Paladin and fixed Paladin DCR lens systems are compatible with the anamorphic modes incorporated into all new Sony native 4K/4096 projector models for showing content of all formats on a 2.4:1 screen with instantaneous push button control and no moving parts, delivering greatly enhanced pixel resolution and overall brightness for over 80% of the most popular movies made in the cinema standard 2.4:1 aspect ratio. This includes the full line of Sony 4K ES projector models VPL-VW5000ES, VPL-VW995ES, VPL-VW885ES, VPL-VW695ES and VPL-VW295ES.


Sony VPL-VW995ES with Paladin DCR lens

Due to the ideal match with the native 4K/4096 wide resolution of these projectors we highly recommend the Paladin DCR for full 4K/4096 anamorphic cinema using Sony’s integrated “1.24x” anamorphic lens setting with the “V-Stretch” aspect mode for all 2.4:1 movies and a number of modes for showing 16:9 TV or smaller movies including filling the full 2.4:1 screen or even showing 16:9 content in the center of the screen properly formatted with black areas on the left and right. All Sony projectors can be easily installed with Panamorph lenses using the XM2 attachment kit which sandwiches between the projector and ceiling mount.

Please note the general guidance that your throw distance should be at least 1.4 times your screen width when using a Paladin DCR lens or at least 1.6 times your screen width when using the standard Paladin lens. Flat screens are highly recommended over curved screens. See more information in the chart below. For general information about anamorphic home cinema please see our Home Page.

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