Compatible with All New 2019 Sony 4K Projectors



Paladin DCR on Sony VPL-VW885ES
Paladin DCR on Sony VPL-VW885ES/VW760ES

Paladin DCR on Sony VPL-VW5000ES

Paladin DCR on Sony VPL-VW5000ES

Now delivering movies with 1,747,627 more pixels than commercial cinemas; 2,594,133 more pixels than a 4K flat panel TV; and 38% more brightness than standard 3840 letterbox projection. 

All Sony’s new 4K HDR home theater projectors can now deliver far higher on-screen resolution that that of commercial cinemas and 4K flat panel displays in your own home when watching 4K/UHD movies. In partnership for over a decade, Panamorph’s Paladin DCR lens works with Sony’s internal modes to upconvert over 80% of major motion pictures from standard 3840 UHD letterbox to full cinema anamorphic 4096 4K – using over 2.5 million pixels for  the highest brightness and clarity in the full 2.4:1 commercial cinema format. Instant push button changes between 2.4:1 movies and 16:9 content. No moving parts. Want more background? Start with our four minute intro video.

“The increased brightness had an immediate, noticeable impact on HDR content.” – Mark Henninger, Senior Editor, AV Science Forum.

“It was very obvious that adding a couple million more pixels processed by my Sony and sent through the Paladin DCR definitely increased the visual clarity and detail of everything I watched.” – Ash Sharma, winner of the Electronic House Magazine Best Home Theater of the Year

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Simple compatibility with most home cinemas

  1. Projector position. Your projector should be between about 12 feet (4 meters) and 36 feet (12 meters) from your screen and vertically mounted at about the top center of the screen.
  2. Projector-to-screen distance should be at least 1.4 times the width of your screen. For more information see our Setup Guidance page. 
  3. Screen format should be the 2.4:1 aspect ratio of most movies made since 1972, although the system can be adjusted for an existing 2.35:1 screen. Flat screens are recommended over curved screens.

Easy plug and play installation

  1. Secure the XM2 attachment plate (XM2 kit included) between the Sony projector and ceiling mount (or to a shelf under the projector). The XM2 plate includes pre-aligned holes for most Sony models but requires some basic alignment before securing when used with the VPL-VW5000ES. For more details see the Attachment Kit Installation Guide.
  2. Set the Sony projector anamorphic lens mode to “1.24x”, then set “Aspect” to “V-Stretch”, then play a 2.4:1 movie (formats are usually most accurately listed on the back of a Blu-ray case).
  3. Before installing the DCR lens, adjust the projector zoom setting to fully fill the width of the screen with the movie. Make all final adjustments to the projector to make sure all image edges are parallel with the screen edges. Finally, for a 2.4:1 screen, adjust the projector vertical lens shift so about 80% of the vertical overscan is below the screen and 20% above. For a 2.35:1 screen adjust the vertical lens shift so the overscan is about the same above and below the screen.
  4. Install the Paladin DCR lens to the XM2 attachment plate and complete the setup using the Panamorph Lens Installation Guide.
  5. For 2.4:1 movies use the Sony “V-Stretch” aspect setting. For smaller movies and TV content use the Sony “Squeeze” aspect setting or, as an option, use other aspect settings for making smaller content fill your cinema format screen.



Panamorph Paladin DCR Lens



The Paladin DCR works seamlessly with the unique anamorphic modes built into all new 4K ES HDR projectors.

Order through authorized Sony projector dealers world wide

$8,995 suggested retail price includes the Paladin DCR lens and XM2 attachment kit for all new 2019 Sony projector models. Available through all authorized Sony projector dealers.

If you do not have a local Sony projector dealer/installer or if you are building your theater yourself, please feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to provide setup and installation guidance. It’s very easy to give you confidence about what to expect from your installation if we have the details in advance, so please feel free to email us with your projector model, distance from front of projector to screen, screen width, screen border size, screen aspect ratio (we recommend 2.4:1 but 2.35:1 will also work), and if your screen is curved or flat (we recommend flat). Thousands of high end homes around the world use Panamorph lenses in their theaters. We’re happy to help!