Panamorph lenses work well throughout a range of throw distances and screen sizes with the basic guidance that the projector throw distance should be greater than 1.6 times the width of the 2.4:1 screen to minimize setup challenges. The above tool makes sure that your theater setup will always follow this guidance. Just use the slider to show either your desired throw distance or screen size and the tool will give you the minimum or maximum guidance for the other parameter.

Note 1: In general, shorter throw ratios will increase the chance of edge distortion in the image. With the Phoenix this will be a bending out of the image corners. With the Paladin this will be a bending in of the corners. This is typically masked by the screen border. But if you have design flexibility for your theater then longer throw distances will generally be better.

Note 2: Using either the Paladin or Phoenix lens at a throw distance range shown as red is not recommended.

Note 3: This standard setup guidance means that your projector’s zoom lens should be used at the following minimum 16:9 native throw ratios:

With Phoenix: Zoom lens native throw ratio should be 2.1:1 and higher

With Paladin: Zoom lens native throw ratio should be 1.6:1 and higher and preferably closer to 1.8:1 and higher.

These minimum throw ratios are already typical of the standard zoom lens used with today’s projectors. However, some projector models may use optional lenses so you want to be sure such a lens supports these minimum throw ratios.