Paladin DCR compatibility with JVC projectors including DLA-RS3000, DLA-NX9 and other 4K/4096 models

Panamorph lenses are available through authorized JVC projector dealers world-wide.


As announced by JVC at CEDIA 2018, all new JVC native 4K/4096 projector models now include anamorphic upconversion modes compatible with a fixed Panamorph Paladin or Paladin DCR lens for showing content of all formats on a 2.4:1 screen including greatly enhanced pixel resolution and overall brightness for over 80% of the most popular movies made in the cinema standard 2.4:1 aspect ratio. This includes the Reference Series models DLA-RS3000, DLA-RS2000 and DLA-RS1000 as well as the Procision models DLA-NX9, DLA-NX7 and DLA-NX5.


Due to the ideal match with the native 4K/4096 wide resolution of these projectors we highly recommend the Paladin DCR for full 4K/4096 anamorphic cinema using JVC’s new Anamorphic C mode. During occasions when 16:9 TV or smaller movies are desired in a mode not filling the screen they can be watched with the Paladin DCR still in place by selecting the Anamorphic B mode. However, in this mode the content will appear horizontally squeezed by about 6%. All JVC 4K models include both Anamorphic A and Anamorphic B for use with the standard Paladin lens. However, the DLA-RS4500 and DLA-Z1 do not include the Anamorphic C mode and therefore require a Lumagen Radiance Pro external processor. All JVC projectors include integrated Panamorph mounting holes for easy installation with the Panamorph XM2 attachment kit. 

Please note the general guidance that your throw distance should be at least 1.4 times your screen width when using a Paladin DCR lens or at least 1.6 times your screen width when using the standard Paladin lens. Flat screens are highly recommended over curved screens. See more information in the chart below. For general information about anamorphic home cinema please see our Home Page.

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JVC DLA-RS3000, DLA-NX9, DLA-RS2000, DLA-NX7, DLA-RS1000, DLA-NX5, DLA-RS4500, DLA-Z1