Our 4 minute introduction to anamorphic 4K home cinema  

Intro Video and Webinar

Panamorph lenses support today’s next generation of home theaters by taking display technology far beyond a big screen TV to bring the true cinema experience home. It’s not just about getting full 4K performance and that immersive experience when watching movies, but actually watching anything, however you want, on a full cinema format screen. And it’s all the push of a button on your remote. Learn why and how anamorphic 4K projection has the support of an entire industry. And if you love movies, learn why and how anamorphic 4K delivers the ultimate movie experience in your own home. Available now through your local high end home theater installer.

For a quick 4 minute intro check out the video above. If you’re looking to be completed educated on not only the why and how, but also what’s involved in designing and installing an anamorphic 4K cinema then click on the image below for a recording of our 20 minute webinar (plus 10 minutes of Q&A).