Achieving 4K UtraWide Cinema Performance using the Paladin Lens with BenQ HT9060, HT9050, LK990, LK970, HT8060, HT8050, W11000 and X12000 4K Projectors

Bring over 1.2 million more pixels than commercial theaters into your home cinema

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All today’s BenQ native 4K 16:9 projectors have been designed and engineered for easy and direct attachment of a Panamorph Paladin lens with XMB attachment kit ($6,995 MSRP) to deliver 2 million more pixels of brightness and detail when displaying the UltraWide cinema movie format. That’s over 1.2 million more pixels than a commercial cinema for maximum performance and the maximum movie experience with no black bars; no moving parts and even multiple modes for showing 16:9 content – all instantly at the push of a button on the remote. 

The Paladin lens system is shown in most BenQ online feature descriptions (image above provided by BenQ). Simple selections using the “Aspect” remote button include “Anamorphic 2.4:1” to display movies filling your entire 2.4:1 (or 2.35:1) cinema format screen and “Anamorphic 16:9” to display TV content properly formatted in the center of the screen with black on left and right. As a third option the “16:9” mode will even fully fill your cinema format screen with TV content stretched out.

Please view the four minute video to the right or read our other articles on why 4K UltraWide is the new format for high end home cinema. Please also review the Cinema Design Guide to make sure your theater parameters are a good fit for anamorphic projection. Most importantly, your throw distance from projector to screen should be at least 1.6 times your screen width. Welcome to UltraWide!