An Intro to the New Home Cinema Format


4K UltraWide brings the true movie experience home with up to 1.7 million pixels more than commercial theaters.

Think of all the best movies you’ve experienced in commercial theaters in your lifetime. Now – in your own dedicated home theater – should those movies be your largest, most dramatic experience or are you ok watching them smaller than what’s on TV?

For over 50 years directors have been framing 80% of the most popular movies to fit the large UltraWide 2.4:1 cinema format of commercial theaters. That format is wider than the 16:9 (1.78:1) format of today’s large 4K large flat panel TVs and projectors. That means those movies have to be squeezed down between black bars to make them fit. And that means you’re losing millions of pixels of valuable display performance. Today you don’t have to waste that performance. Today you have a choice.

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4K UltraWide is the new industry standard to deliver full 4K performance in the UltraWide cinema movie format by using today’s most sophisticated 4K home theater projectors with internal anamorphic processing coupled with a high quality external anamorphic lens – all easily integrated by your local home theater installer to deliver movies on a true cinema format screen with up to 1.7 million pixels more than commercial theaters.

That’s right. The anamorphic 4K UltraWide experience in your own home actually outperforms that of commercial theaters. And it lets you watch anything you want (yes, including TV content), how you want to watch it, with no moving parts, and all at the push of a button.

Feel free to explore the links on our website for a more complete understanding of this exciting new format for home cinema now supported by every leading high end projector manufacturer with many projector models to choose from. Or, simply tell your local custom home theater dealer that the movie experience is important to you and ask for their anamorphic 4K projection options. There’s simply no better way to bring the true cinema experience home.



Shawn L. Kelly, Founder and CEO
Panamorph, Inc.