Convert your standard HDTV or 4K/UHDTV home theater projector to the full performance of UltraWide cinema.

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Bring back that lost brightness and detail you’re wasting by projecting those black bars.

Today’s home theater projectors display the aspect ratio of standard HDTV, but 70% of the most popular movies are actually made in the UltraWide format – much wider than HDTV – so they need to be squeezed down to fit between two black letterbox bars. Well, even if you try zooming up those black bars above and below an UltraWide projection screen, the fact is that those bars are still there and they’re created by turning off 25% of your projector’s resolution while trapping 25% of your projector’s light and converting it to heat. That’s why we’ve worked directly with home theater projector manufacturers so that every one of today’s leading models can be converted with our anamorphic lenses to the full cinema UltraWide aspect ratio of all those movies. That means over half a million more pixels on your screen for higher brightness, higher definition, no unnecessary light loss, no more black bars (even on your walls), and ultimately increasing the overall visual performance of your entire home theater investment by an amazing 30%. Our Lens Options page has everything you need including lens models and specifications, installation guidance and projector compatibility to get you started watching movies with the true UltraWide cinema experience already enjoyed in thousands of premium UltraWide home theaters world-wide. 

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Dear Panamorph, I want to send my thanks to you for installing the Panamorph A480 lens system in my Los Angeles home screening room. The motorized lens unit really fits my needs as a director, especially when screening my own footage and movies. It’s a great system, and I recommend it for anyone’s home theater. Thanks again,
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